Our Decorative paints range consists of Topcoats, Primers and Fillers intended for the use on various substrates such as
Ordinary exterior emulsion paint cannot protect sloping earthen tile roofs from the ill effects of Kerala’s hot and humid climate with abundant rains. Therefore, we have specially formulated an elastomeric emulsion for roof tiles, under the name and style of “TILE COAT”.
Truecoat paints offers a wide range of water and cement based Exterior ‘Green coatings’ (paints), intended to deliver maximum performance and long-term durability on exposed exterior surfaces.
To transform your house into “dream Homes” we offer an extravagant array of water based, low VOC, Odour free paints which adds to the aesthetic Appeal of the interiors, and also ensures the well being of your family.
We offer high quality water and solvent based enamels and primers for wood and metal surfaces in order to suite the varied needs of the customer .
Truecoat Paints aims to become one among the top 5 paint companies in india, in the field of decorative as well as industrial paints and coatings by investing in customer satisfaction, and long-term value creation through product innovation, total quality, environment friendliness and best business practices.